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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sticker Shock!!!

What does sticker shock have to do with jars of homemade jelly? A trip to the Grocery store!!!!!!!!
As you know we stock pile ,I know that's not for everyone, but it works Great for us.I was raised here on the homestead and its always been away of life for me. You had a garden you canned, froze,and dried your food. My Mom cooked everything from scratch.We had cows ,made butter,buttermilk,cottage cheese. She cooked on a wood burning cook stove. She did not do short order You ate what she put on the table and was very Thankful for it. Alot of our meat came from fishing or hunting.
DH does most of the grocery shopping in between stocking up, bulk buying trips. This week I ventured out to grocery shop. I noticed a couple items I put in the cart was higher than the norm ,at first I thought it was because I hadn't been grocery shopping in awhile .The longer I shopped I realized no its because the prices for everything had gone up! Right off the top of my head there's 2 items we buy alot of I use to buy one for .79 it went to $1 since the last trip it has gone up to $1.75 , the other item was $1 then it went to $1.19 now its $1.69.Its not only these two items everything.
Between canning, freezing, and drying our food and we have a couple discount Grocery stores plus reg. stores.We get better deals than most cities. Once stockpiled we can buy mostly items on Sale, We don't buy just because a sale it has to be something we will eat .When you shop a Grocery Outlet if you find something you like ,you have to buy then, next trip it will be sold out.
I stay on top of food waste. I stay on top of dates on food and rotate pull the older to the front like grocery stores does.
With the freeze in Fl.few wks. back, there will be shortages on fruit ,so trying to stock up on frozen fruit .I did find frozen strawberries , raspberries, peaches,blackberries,blueberries for $1 per lb. at the Grocery Outlet. SO that was nice to find!Some other good items such as this.
Are you finding your prices are jumping UP,UP,Up like this also?
So come summer I will be "Putting Up" more food as we call it around here.
Hope everyone has a warm and cozy Week end!


Miss Rhea said...

Wow, that is awful ! The new deals in Washington, like Cap and Trade and others are really going to hit us all. I know our utilities just went up HUGE. Sad as so many struggle through tough times these days. I am happy to see your pretty jelly in the window. Being self reliant is a great thing these days ! Your Mom had the right idea :) AND it sounds like she was a great cook too. :) I love hearing about your memories :) Hope you have a wonderful week Lib. You challenge me to be more resourceful with what we have been Blessed with, Thank you Sweet Girl !! :) Hugs :)

Peggy said...

we think alike!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lib,
Prices are rising over here too. In order to keep my bill total down I shop around. As the supermarkets want our custom they are having really good offers on some things but the prices are creeping up on most things. I try to buy the offers if they are things I use and now I have a very good store. When the weather was very bad after Christmas I did not need any shopping. My kids offered to shop for me but I was fine and it helped me to save a little.

I am thinking about having a no spend week every month as this could be a good way of saving. What do you think Lib ?

Cheers, Eileen.

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Yup its like that up here in Canada, most everything we pay for has to be shipped up here so our food is expensive, and way up north in food prices are not to be believed a cantaloupe would be 15.00, no kidding !I love when I go to the US for a day shopping trip we always hit a grocery store because you will get(example) 10 varieties of say Kraft jam where as in Canada we get 2 kinds, and usually much cheaper than I can get it at home.You get certain brand we can't kind here , frustrating !
Our prices compared to yours are anywhere from a buck or two more on most things because of shipping this far north.

Cathy said...

Hello LIb
I just commented theother day on another blog how we notice the price rises when we don't shop weekly.
Putting up is certainly what the merchants are doing to the price of goods - similarly in Australia they are going up at an outrage rate - I had to think twice before buying something the other day, even checked out another big supermarket that I don't particularly like to see what it cost there. I'm going to have to decide whether I can be pickya bout where I shop from now on - just close my eyes to the mess in the aisles, find what I want and leave.
Take care

cozythyme said...

Hi Lib,
Yes,yes,yes. Have noticed prices going up! Not good. Is that your dandelion jelly in the window? Pretty. Rhea's matchboxes she posted are adorable!! I love them. Are they made out of the matchboxes with the bigger matches? So cute. Nancy

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Lib ~ I grocery shop every two weeks , sometimes once a month and it seems like each time I go , prices have gone up. Thankfully we're still have veggies that I " put up " ( we say that around here too )from last year , that helps the grocery bill alot. Sure hope it's a good growing season this year.

~ Many Blessings ~

PEA said...

I swear that the day after New Year's Day they raised the price of everything in the grocery store!! Everything is so much more expensive now and I'm just so glad that I pickle, can and freeze a lot of our garden veggies, as well as make jams and such. I'd hate to have to buy all that stuff at the prices today. xoxo

Gill - That British Woman said...

I noticed milk and eggs have also gone up in price as well....

Gill in Canada