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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween !!!!!!Hope ya'll have a great day!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mother Nature

We've had storms all around us, we we're Blessed no damage! We had 2 trees than was leaning toward our house. I was a nervous wreck! So Dh call a tree service. They came out today and cut them. We try to stay on top of cutting trees as needed ,these were just too big for us.
So Thankful its behind us now.
we had alot of wind blowing and quite a bit of rain , otherwise o.k.
I hope none of ya'll were hit by the storms!
Have a great day!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Nature Walk

We had T-storms all night ,and lots of rain.After it stopped Little Shadow and I went for a Nature walk.
The leaves are really starting to turn now.

Hope you can find time today to enjoy Nature.
Have a Great day!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Enjoying Autumn's Beauty and cooler temps! Hope you are too!
Have a great day!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Great GrandPa

My Great Grandpa made this pie safe . Thru the yrs. the drawers and doors were removed (unknown reason to me) I painted it red to match my other free standing cabinets. I keep Vintage items from Family in it. I keep wresting with the idea should I have drawers and doors made for it? Would it take away from his handy work ? Should I leave it as is? I've used it for different storage thru the yrs. the last ,I stored Family quilts in it.
For now I will enjoy it as is. I'm sure before its all said and done I'll know should I have it redone or leave as is. I cherish Family Treasure's but this is the only one I can't quite decide which way to go. 6 Generations here, I try to keep things as close as I can to the ways of the ones before me.
Hope ya'll have a Great day and wk.end!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Are You Ready?

Ready or Not , the Holidays will be here SOON!Are you ready for your Thanksgiving Meal? I have everything except the turkey and last min. items. This yr. will be Bitter Sweet. Our first yr. with out Little Shadows Dad. The Sweet part a Dear Friend(B.E.) will be up from Fl. to share Thanksgiving with us , and other friends we dont see wkly. I Love cooking for Thanksgiving.The yr. Mom passed , my Brother thought it would be good for us to go out and eat, no cooking , no dishes to wash etc. I told them from now on I'll do all the cooking lol if I have to , it just didnt seem like Tgiving. I did appreciate his concern though.Mom and I cooked for 2 days for Holidays .

Are you ready for Christmas? I buy or make things yr. around for gift giving, so I am finished.
We always have Tgiving here ,and Christmas eve supper at my sister's, she is Little Shadow's Dad's Mom, so we may have Christmas eve here also.She isnt sure yet what she want's to do.
My house hold always has a big country Breakfast on Christmas Morning .When My parents lived here we started the breakfast. The Dr. told My Dad not to eat Country Ham, we figured he'd be safe once a yr. on Christmas It was a hit ,and after they passed everyone wanted to keep it going. We have Country ham, sausage, bacon, bis. ,gravy,eggs,fruit,honey, homemade jellies and jams,cof,milk, juice. My Dad loved sliced toms. on bis. so does my Bro. and DH so we keep that going also.
What are something you do to make Holidays Special for your Loved ones, I Love making Happy Memories!!!!!!
Have a Great day!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Waste Not want not

Have the last of toms. cooking to can . Added garlic, bell peppers, celery ,and onions. Alot of folks I suppose wouldn't take time to cook this last sm. pot , but I tend to think waste not want not. With all the other canned toms. I made I'll have a good sulppy for the winter.
I hope to can pears, and apples also make pear and apple butter before I call it quits for the season.
Want to make Hot Tamales for the freezer. I like to make about 10-15 doz. Now days I have to take 2-3 days to make that many ,since I make them alone. I sure miss my Sweet Mom in so many ways!!!!!!!!!!
Hope everyone is having a Great week! we are Loving these fall temps:o)
Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Counting My Blessings

Today I am counting my BLESSINGS ,Naming them one by one!
Remember to count yours and have a Great day!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Man VS Food

Did anyone see Man Vs Food on the Travel Chanel?
He went to Ye Old Steak House
Dixion BBQ
And Sweet P's BBQ
He won 1st ever at Sweet P's .
I dont think a Tee shirt would be enough for me to try to eat 5lbs. of any
Have a Great day!

Sweet P's BBQ

Sweet P's BBQ

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Autum In The Smokies

We are Blessed to have the Smokies(mtn's.) in our back yard. I Love Autumns Beauty.
The cool down after summer's heat! The smells , colors, baking everything Autumn.
Hope y'all are enjoying a wonderful autumn !
Have a great wk.end!
Autumn Blessins',Lib

Friday, October 15, 2010

Vintage bedroom

The past three weeks has been Super Busy!!!!!!! We are having to bring DH Mom here more often, so we had to scramble to turn our 3rd bedroom from a Home Office to a bedroom. I went with a Vintage theme. We painted the walls maroon .You can't see the vintage dress clear.It's been in my Family for yrs.
Does anyone remember the white Potty? No, its not used ,just for looks. lolI have several of these vintage tables from Family members. I think they maybe called Half Moon tables.

The iron bed is from an Uncle and Aunt of mine. I Love Family Treasure's!
We had to rearrange most every room to make one small bedroom. I gave Family Treasure's to my sister for Little Shadow. Somethings went to the thrift store.
I hope now I can catch up and stay on top of posting .
Hope everyone has a Great wk.end!