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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer time

I Love Summer's Fresh Veggies! So Yummy!
I will be in the kitchen putting up summers harvest. So good in the winter time.Sure helps on winter's grocery bill!
Hope ya'll have a great day!


Eileen said...

Hi Lib,
There is something about this time of year that makes me want to start putting things away for winter. I need to reorganise my store cupboards next. I have done my freezer. I like sorting out the freezer on a warm summers day, its a good way to cool down.
I am freezing berries to use in winter and some I will make into jam. I dont grow enough veg to freeze as I have a small garden but it has supplied me with some great fresh veg all summer (and still is). I have plants to harvest in winter waiting to go in my little veg plot.
Every week now I buy a little something for Christmas, this week it was the dried fruit for cakes.
I am also trying to finish off some of my craft projects. I wont allow myself to start another project until I have got some finished. I have far too many things half done.
Hope you and your family are well and happy,

Best wishes, Eileen.

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Lib ~ I've been busy with the summertime veggies too , made 8 qts of spaghetti sauce yesterday. Plan to make more salsa next week. We're eating tomatoes everyday , I love them.

~ Be Blessed ~

the voice of melody said...

Mmmm, I hope some of those gorgeous tomatoes end up in between two slices of bread with a little mayo! :) I think it's wonderful how you get to eat the foods you grow yourself. Enjoy!

Linda said...

Beautiful veggies Lib! I didn't plant even tomatoes this year but will for sure next season. I've been relying on the farmers fresh market and friends who have an abundance of tomatoes....nothing better than fresh veggies...hugs, Linda