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Sunday, September 19, 2010


Sun. mornings finds us at church, today we are nesting in. DS car broke down ,so he had to use ours for work .
I look forward to a day of rest and nesting in. Seems these special days are rare these days.
It will be nice to rest, sip a cup a......... ,do more stitching, just relax enjoy each others company to the fullest ,relax enjoy a simple day.
Hope you have a wonderful day!


Karen H. said...

Good Morning Miz Lib. I am here for Coffee. As promised, I did do a new post this morning and hope you will stop by to visit me when you have time. We seen to nest here all the time since we don't have the money to do anything or go anywhere anymore. I hope your DS get's his vehicle fixed soon. I haven't been to Church in a long time and I know I need to go, but some Saturday's and mostly Sunday's are my lazy days that I don't have to set no alarm. LOL. Hope you have a good weekend and a great week ahead. Take care my friend and GOD Bless you dearly.

XOXOXOXO and lots of Love,
Karen H.

Anonymous said...

Hope your day is peaceful and serene.

Love the nest...a busy, strong bird must have made that one! ;D

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Nesting day are wonderful, I dont get those too often myself.

Eileen said...

I hope you had a relaxing Sunday Lib, I am sure you will be happy to get some stitching done. I have just finished knitting warm winter hats for my two youngest grand-daughters. I need to knit some for the boys now. The weather is getting quite chilly now so they will need them.
Have a good week, Cheers, Eileen.

PEA said...

You're right, it's not too often that we get a chance to spend a day just relaxing. I don't know when I had that kind of day! lol I do hope your day turned out like you wanted it to:-) xoxo