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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bad Storms

We are safe and alive,So Thankful for that. This is hail fromlast night.

We have some roof damage, down trees, outdoor furniture destroyed , not usre what all.

Thats minor compared to others.

Please keep everyone in your prayers.

Will be a busy few days of clean up here.

Have a Great day!



Lori said...

Glad to hear your family fared alright.

Peggy said...

Am so glad you are alright and that the damage wasn't too bad. The storms are just starting to arrive here. I am praying they aren't anything like the tornados of April 16th. Have a stormfree peaceful day my friend

ancient one said...

So glad you are okay. Those are large hailstones.

PEA said...

Oh Lib, thank God you're safe!! Had you so much in my mind when I heard about the storms and tornadoes up your way. I can't believe the size of that hail, wow!! You are all in my prayers and my heart goes out to all those affected. xoxo

cozythyme said...

Hi Lib, That is sure huge hail! I am sure glad yous are okay but sorry you have some loss and clean up to do. Stay safe now. Nancy

QuiltedSimple said...

So glad you are ok and safe! Blessings to your and yours

Grandma's scrapbook said...

Lib, how are you, sometimes not so long ago, I often visit your site, now I intend to renew the tradition, I am glad that you're good and kind regards.

Cathy said...

Hello Lib
its a month since you last posted -hope all is well in your house - hope to hear from you soon
Take care

Miss Rhea said...

I am worried about you Sweet Friend. You haven't posted in so long, I hope and pray that everything is ok. Hugs :)

Gill - That British Woman said...

how is everything? Haven't heard from you in a while?

Gill in Canada

Peggy said...

Lib, hope things are okay with you. Think of you often.