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Friday, October 15, 2010

Vintage bedroom

The past three weeks has been Super Busy!!!!!!! We are having to bring DH Mom here more often, so we had to scramble to turn our 3rd bedroom from a Home Office to a bedroom. I went with a Vintage theme. We painted the walls maroon .You can't see the vintage dress clear.It's been in my Family for yrs.
Does anyone remember the white Potty? No, its not used ,just for looks. lolI have several of these vintage tables from Family members. I think they maybe called Half Moon tables.

The iron bed is from an Uncle and Aunt of mine. I Love Family Treasure's!
We had to rearrange most every room to make one small bedroom. I gave Family Treasure's to my sister for Little Shadow. Somethings went to the thrift store.
I hope now I can catch up and stay on top of posting .
Hope everyone has a Great wk.end!


Linda said...

Lib, what a pretty cozy bedroom for your MIL. Oh, the lace curtains are so pretty and I love the iron bed it is a wonderful family piece...have a nice weekend and I wish you were near so you could come by for a cup of tea...hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

Oh Lib, how comfortable that looks!

And I had to laugh at the potty, I've been threatening to get one if I can find it...for it's a long way downstairs some nights...lmbo!

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Love the new look, very pretty!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I love the colours, they are my type of colours.


Karen H. said...

Well, I had to read this post also. Love your Vintage Bedroom. The colors are just gorgeous. Anything with Green is my favorite since Green is my favorite color. I'm sure your MIL really likes it. My Mom has 2 antique bed frames that her Dad bought for her years ago at an auction. They are the wrought iron bed frames. I have a dresser and chest of drawers that my Parents bought back in the 50's when they first got married that I sill use for mine and hubby's things. The old furniture seems to last much longer than the furniture you buy these days. Take care my friend and enjoy your week.

Love and hugs,
Karen H.

ancient one said...

Nice room you fixed up for your MIL.. Haven't seen one of those white potties in a while. While my mom was here after her stroke they sent a potty chair with a pot home with her from the hospital. I was so glad when she was able to go back to the bathroom. Mom recovered completely and went back home. She wouldn't take the potty chair... said she had no room.. so I've still got that taking up space in my house. LOL