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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Are You Ready?

Ready or Not , the Holidays will be here SOON!Are you ready for your Thanksgiving Meal? I have everything except the turkey and last min. items. This yr. will be Bitter Sweet. Our first yr. with out Little Shadows Dad. The Sweet part a Dear Friend(B.E.) will be up from Fl. to share Thanksgiving with us , and other friends we dont see wkly. I Love cooking for Thanksgiving.The yr. Mom passed , my Brother thought it would be good for us to go out and eat, no cooking , no dishes to wash etc. I told them from now on I'll do all the cooking lol if I have to , it just didnt seem like Tgiving. I did appreciate his concern though.Mom and I cooked for 2 days for Holidays .

Are you ready for Christmas? I buy or make things yr. around for gift giving, so I am finished.
We always have Tgiving here ,and Christmas eve supper at my sister's, she is Little Shadow's Dad's Mom, so we may have Christmas eve here also.She isnt sure yet what she want's to do.
My house hold always has a big country Breakfast on Christmas Morning .When My parents lived here we started the breakfast. The Dr. told My Dad not to eat Country Ham, we figured he'd be safe once a yr. on Christmas It was a hit ,and after they passed everyone wanted to keep it going. We have Country ham, sausage, bacon, bis. ,gravy,eggs,fruit,honey, homemade jellies and jams,cof,milk, juice. My Dad loved sliced toms. on bis. so does my Bro. and DH so we keep that going also.
What are something you do to make Holidays Special for your Loved ones, I Love making Happy Memories!!!!!!
Have a Great day!


Anonymous said...

OK, so now ya got me thinking I need to get it in!

Love me some country ham fried tender on a fresh biscuit...mmm-mmm!

Gill - That British Woman said...

We have already had Thanksgiving here in for Christmas I am taking a leaf out of your book and am going to keep it as simple as possible....

Gill in Canada