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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fun Busy

What a Fun Busy week .:o) It is so quite without our Callie! So it has been good to be so busy!
A cousin came home on a spur of the moment, she knew she couldn't make it for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. We had to celebrate ,so got busy putting up trees and decs. We had our Holiday meal with my side of the Family cousins. Had a great time.
The pic is Little Shadows little tree , I found some sun catcher (Christmas) at Dollar Tree, she painted and we hung for decs. Thought it would be fun to give her when shes older.
I know its early for alot of folks to dec. so I will wait and show you the other trees.
Sat. we had Thanksgiving at DH Mom's .
Our Dear Friend will be here this coming week ,can't wait been about 5 yrs. since we've been able to visit other than phone calls or emails.
Hope you have a Great week!


Patty said...

I love the little tree !

PEA said...

It's never too early to celebrate the holidays with family and friends:-) You certainly don't mind being busy that way, so much fun going on!! Love Little Shadow's Christmas tree, so sweet. Have a wonderful time with your friend when he/she comes to visit!! xoxo

ancient one said...

Cute little tree...

Peggy said...

I have been busy trying to decorate and put up the trees too. The girls and their families will be here the first weekend of Dec for our annual family Christmas weekend. I want it to be extra special this year since we missed it last year. I love little shadows tree! Have a very blessed weekend

Gill - That British Woman said...

I agree it's never to early to celebrate and I have seen other people with Christmas trees up and lights on.

Enjoy your weekend,


Linda said...

Little Shadow's tree is so cute...she will always love her little ornaments she painted, especially as she grows older.