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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Old Fashion Apple Stack Cake

An old fashion apple stack cakes has to be part of our holidays, only because it has always been .
The cake disc is a cookie when they cool you put dried apples cooked smooth with sugar, cloves and cin. between the layers it softens the layers up. Its best when made ahead of time.
My Mother-N-Law made the best I have ever eaten , she is with us I ask if she wanted to join Little Shadow and I making this, she showed no interest. :o( Wicked Illness!!!!!
If anyone would like the recipe let me know in a comment.
Little Shadow had fun helping . She had to leave but will be back tomorrow to help me cook.
DH and Little Shadow took the turkey out of the freezer also a ham .
Our 1st Holidays without Little Shadows Dad. I always made him a green pea salad and pecan pie for the holidays (in between also) the wk. he passed away I made him a gr. pea salad. I want be making them this year. It will be so hard for my Sis. &Bro.-n-law he was their only child.
Little Shadow wants me to buy a balloon for her to release to her Dad. We do this from time to time she Loves sending messages to her Dad in Heaven. My sister told her when she finds a penny its Pennies from heaven from her Dad. Almost every time we go out she finds pennies. She was writing her list for Santa to bring to my house for her, Broke my heart she wanted a box of Pennies from her Dad in Heaven. Her wish will be Granted!
With the Sadness of losing a Loved one we must work hard to make Little Shadows Holidays Happy and Bright!
Happy Thanksgiving !

1 comment:

Gill - That British Woman said...

that is so sad but at the same time, it must be a blessing for Little Shadow to talk about her dad all the time.

I have never heard of that type of cake before.

Gill in Canada