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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's Jelly and McLemore Homestead

We let our dandelion infusion sit for 24 hrs. and make jelly. I think it taste a bit like honey. May gather more blooms and make more. The violets are in full bloom now, need to gather those and make jelly.
I know we can't pick and choose what the generations after us does , but......... I hope Little Shadow carries on the ways of my Family .Right now she Loves it, but when shes grown she may not. Her Dad Loved it , his dream was to build a sm. log cabin by the creek here,but his dream was cut short way too soon!
My McLemore Family (My maiden name) tap root runs deep here all the way back to 1782. I am thinking of having a McLemore Reunion Pioneer Type day. I've been doing research on what foods etc. that's been grown here .Cook them over an open fire , have a tour of the Homestead and explain to the Younger ones all the info I've been able to put together. I researched our Family Tree share that info . I also know just because its a Love of mine,its not for everyone. Family and Nature is very Important to me.I think it would be fun and worth a try.
Hope everyone has a Great Day!


Mountain Mama said...

Hi. I found you over at Diane's.
I think your idea of a reunion would be lots of fun for you. I do genealogy too and had three reunions inviting many family menmbers I had never met. It was great to meet them and most were a wealth of information.
I hope it works out for you,

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

You think just like I do !
So important for younger ones to know where they came from.
A few years ago on Mom's side they had a big pioneer weekend for the family it was a blast !
The jello looks beautiful !

Ronda said...

Good morning sweet Lib,

I just love your McLemore Pioneer Reunion Day idea. That would be such a wonderful thing. Who knows....that might be just the thing to get some of the younger one's in your family "RE"-interested in their heritage and family history. I think you should really give it a lot of thought.

Love & Prayers,


PEA said...

I also think it would be a wonderful idea to have a reunion with the pioneer theme. The younger generation needs to know how it used to be and how it can continue. I find as I'm getting older I'm more and more interested in finding out about my genealogy and I've already found out quite a few things I didn't know about! I've only scratched the surface so far but intend on digging deeper:-) xoxo

the voice of melody said...

Hi Lib, your reunion sounds wonderful. It might be a bit of work, but I'm sure it would be so much fun!