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Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting My Simple Life Back

I am so ready to live the Simple life again! I have been living it ,but my life has been so full and busy lately. With most all the reno. behind us ,life is once again slowing down and we're Loving it.
It is Official DH is Retired now(since May), just hasn't received his 1st Soc. Sec. check yet, it comes in July.He's been laid off over 2 yrs. now so kinda like hes been retired. I know its not for everyone we're together 24x7 and LOVE it! We started last summer trying to get things done to our home so we wouldn't have to worry with it in retirement yrs. About have that finished up and so glad! :o) few minor things left to do.
This a.m. got busy the yard is mowed, and inside and outside chores are finished. Hurry on over because you want see that often.LOL
We are getting more relaxing time now and getting back to living the GOOD Simple side of Life:o)
Our Little shadow has been gone since Last Sun. she will be home today, so we will have a Great wk.end:o) She calls daily.
Hope everyone has a great wk. end!


Peggy said...

I almost have things back to normal here at the homestead and look forward to getting back to my simple life. Like you I sure have missed it. I can just imagine all the fun you and little Shadow will be having this weekend.

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Its very quiet here too, just lovely actually... no news is good news

Anonymous said...

You deserve to enjoy your simple life again. My husband retired and then started a full time business in our back yard. I don't even enjoying going outside with all the men hanging around. Maybe one day he will retire again. ;)

JoyceAnn said...

Your clothesline looks so natural hung between the trees , looks like a peaceful place. Glad to hear things are getting back to normal for you , miss you when you're not blogging.

~ Peaceful Blessings ~

Gill - That British Woman said...

I am looking forward to dh being home full time, won't be for another 13 or so years yet, but no doubt it will soon be here.

Gill in Canada