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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Sunday after church we came home ate dinner (lunch) and took our Little Shadow on a Hike.
It was 80 degrees. Lovely afternoon!
This is a small pond. We saw several large tadpoles, want be long until they become frogs.

Not sure what this bush is ,it is different but pretty. Little Shadow loves Nature as much as we do. When she's here she wants to take a hike daily.
Today we had snow flurries off and on all day!29 tonight then warm up each day.
Hope everyone has a great day!


ancient one said...

That must hurt... 80 degrees then back to snow...hope the little flowers and that bush can stand that cold 29 degrees... my husband is out covering the stawberry plants now.

Cathy said...

Hello Lib
I bet you are pleased to see signs of Spring around about. Are the yellow flowers on the ground primroses?
Take care

Karen H. said...

Good Evening LIB,
cAN'T blame all the weather you get on me now. LOL. YOU got flurries and we didn't get any flurries or snow. We did get colder temps tho. The pics of yoru hike are beautiful. It got up into the 50's today and suppose to be up to near 70 degrees tomorrow and then thunderstorms on Thursday and on Sunday as well. Bout time for bed so take care my friend and have a great evening. Masy GOD Bless you and yours.
Karen H.

QuiltedSimple said...

Glad you've had some nice warm weather. We too are battling cold and snow - UGh. at this point, I'd settle for 50's...

PEA said...

Did you say 80????? That's it, I'm moving in with you! hehe We won't be seeing those kind of temps until at least July! lol Enjoy these beautiful days you're having. xoxo

Angelena said...

we had warm temps on Sunday. But we have also had snow for the past two days. UGH!

Linda said...

What a lovely walk you had..ejoyed all the pretty pictures..hugs, linda

Lib said...

Hi Ya'll,
THanks for visiting and leaving a comment!
Have a wonderful day!

Nancy said...

Oh, tadpoles! I remember catching those things when we were kids! One can find so many things to do that are free in life. I, too, have always loved Nature!

((( HUGS )))