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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Signs of Spring ,But winter is returning

I Love violets,All I had ever seen was purple or purple and white. Back in the late 1980's my Dad found these white or cream colored on the creek bank and transplanted some of them. So far this yr. this is the only one to bloom.
This pic. is not clear but these are purple and white.

These are all purple. Our yard is cover in violets, I love strolling through the yard and seeing them.

Here's more flowers starting to bloom also a ground cover. They smell wonderful but don't last long when cut.
The weatherman says winter is returning for a few days, and bringing bad storms:o(
Hope ya'll have a great day!


Peggy said...

I hope the freezing temps stay away. We have almost half the garden planted. Have a blessed evening Lib!

Lib said...

Hi Peggy,
I too hope the freezing temps stays away!
Have a great day!

ancient one said...

Your violets are so pretty. As a child, I loved to go pick violets on the ditch banks. Mrs. Stocks, my former neighbor, lived until her middle 90's.. I've seen her picking violets on the ditch banks out in the field. She was a great person. Her mind was bad at the last, but her body was so limber. She would pick up leaves in her yard by hand.. bending over...and keep a count of how many she picked up. I guess that's how she lived so long and was able to do for herself for so long.

Now how in the world did your pictures of violets bring up all those memories?

countrychicken said...

Hi Lib - I am loving all your Spring pics. Today its finally warmer here, enough to be out without a jacket but I hear that its back to winter next week for us to. Have a good weekend!

Jess said...

Hi sorry I haven't been has been crazy. Hope all is well with you and your hubby and that April is starting off great for you.

Have a good rest of the week
Love, Jess

Angelena said...

I love spring- It is finally starting to warm up a little!

Cathy said...

Hello Lib
Often its the 'little' things that give us a lot of your violets
Hope it doesn't get too wet and windy for you - mind you water is never a problem, unless it comes down too quickly
Take care

Lib said...

Hi Ann,
Glad the pics. sparked a warm ,cozy memory for you:o)
Have a great day!

Lib said...

Hi COuntryChicken,
I hope Spring arrives and stays for all of us.

Lib said...

Hi Jess,
I understand!
HOpe things are going good for ya'll!

Lib said...

Hi Angelena,
Hope you're enjoying the warmer days!:o)

Lib said...

Hi Cathy,
I agree its often the little things that gives the greatest Joys!
Have a great wk.end.

Gill - That British Woman said...

so that means, you will no doubt be sending those storms up our way no doubt!! I know you mother told you to share but honestly you don't have to share your weather with us, unless its nice weather!!

Gill in Canada

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Yes, here in Michigan too. . . today was 66 and I spread around some mulch. Now, tonight, it's raining and tomorrow will only be 47 degrees!



JoyceAnn said...

Hi Lib , We are turning the same pages (LOL). I love violets too , they're so small , but really brighten your day.
I've never seen a white violet , will be on the lookout as I stroll the creek banks. We do have a few lavender violets , but mostly the deep purple.
I plan to make another batch of violet jelly for Christmas gifts , will add a box of fancy crackers and maybe a bookmark , made with pressed violets to a gift basket.
Have a Great weekend !

~ Violet Blessings ~

Ronda said...

Hi Lib,
I just love your flowers. They are so very lovely. I bet all around your home is just an absolutely lovely wonderland.
Love & Prayers,

Lib said...

Hi Gill,
Sorry about the weather!
Have a great day!

Lib said...

Hi Sher,
Hoping soon Spring will be here to stay!

Lib said...

Hi Joyce Ann,
Thanks so much for posting the recipe!Oh,I Love your gift idea.I have plenty more violets, I plan on making more jelly, also mint, rose etc.

Lib said...

Hi Ronda,
THanks for your kind words!
HOpe ya'll are having a great wk.