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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Simple days.............

I hope everyone is enjoying a Simple Christmas season , filled with Faith, Family and Friends!!
We have been enjoying the simple side of Christmas Season.
We were hoping to get uptown to enjoy all the new Christmas Fest. they have going on. Our temps are Brrrr cold so may just nest in and enjoy the warmth and Friendship here.
Have a Great Day and Season!


Jo said...

Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas season dear Lib.

Miss Rhea said...

Hi Sweet lady !! :) Looks yummy and Cozy. :) I haven't started our Christmas yet. Still making things for my shop. I will get to though in another week, just stop, and soak it all in. Hubby and I love to take a canteen of Hot Chocolate and drive around looking at Christmas lights. We have done that every year since we got married 8 years ago :) Simple and fun !!! I sure hope everything is going great with you, I still have you in my prayers and if you ever need to chat, just email me through my blog, k ? Hugs :) :) :)