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Saturday, December 11, 2010


Its headed our way! 50s today, the bottom fall out tonight ans snow. 20 d teen N. BRRRR
Of course we had to rush out for bread and milk. lol
Have a Great week end!


PEA said...

We were supposed to get snow yesterday but it turned to rain instead. Feels so strange being so close to Christmas and still not having any snow. Stay safe and at least you won't starve with the bread and milk! lol xoxo

Anonymous said...

We've had snow all week-end long! I decided to go off of my blog break if you would like to visit when you can.

Keep warm & cozy!!♥

JoyceAnn said...

Did you get snow ? I saw were Ashville was really getting a blast of snow.

~ Warm Blessings ~