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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Doll How To's

I've been ask to show how to make dolls.It takes about 2 1/2 -3 hrs. hrs. from start to finish per doll. I hope this will be helpful ,I have made dolls so long I have no directions to follow. I have been a crafter for yrs. but I can't read directions and follow ,I can look at a pic. and make. So hope my directions will be clear ,if not just send me an email and I'll try again. For the body I use muslin fabric, I tea or cof. dye only because I like the look, you don't have to dye. The doll body is 10 1/2 ins. long ,cut 2 , legs are 10 ins. cut 4 ,arms 6 1/2 ins. cut 4.Machine stitch , and turn to right size, stuff with fiber fill. These doll bodies are thin some calls them penic dolls their so thin.Fill body leaving about 2 ins. at the bottom unstuffed , Fill legs and arms leaving about 2 ins. from the top.I turn legs where feet face each other ,only because I like that look better than feet facing straight out. Machine stitch legs together, insert into body and machine stitch. I use hot glue , I glue tops of arms closed ,I glue arms to doll body.

Once the body is complete and together, I make bloomers,these are made from a curtain sheer, some I use lace, you could use reg. fabric. I dont measure ,I like them big and fuller look, maybe 37ins wide,14ins. long.Machine stitch up sides, find middle machine stitch up between 1/2 and 3/4 way turn fabric ,stitch a tiny way ,turn fabric and machine stitch to bottom, Cut between stitch line to seperate for legs, turn to right side. Put on doll ,I tie off with thread.

One way to make a dress a piece of fabric 37 ins. wide about 14 ins long ,hand gather a hem on top of fabric, pull to gather , glue to neck of doll.Decorate dress( broach) with an ear ring or button.I hot glue it onto dress. It's been about 3 yrs. since I've bought doll hair (I buy at Hobby Lobby) Not sure if they still carry it .I buy alot at one time to keep a good stash on hand .The face is drawn on with a pigment pen I buy those at Micheal's craft store. The last I bought was maybe 3 yrs. ago they were $16 something a pkg. I only use for doll faces. DO NOT GET THE FACE WET!!! IF SO IT WILL RUN and ruin the doll! I use powder blush for cheeks I apply with a qtip .For the hat I used a piece of white felt, I trace a circle from a bowl and cut out, glued to doll, glued a sm. button on. For the purse I use a sm. piece of felt to match the hat,glue sides and across the top , glue to doll with a sm. button, or sm. ear ring.

This is another type underware, I used felt machine stitch turn, glued to doll. Most dolls I use the top of a crew sock that I have cof or tea dyed, but I was out.

THis dress is a homespun Kitchen towel I made . I fold it in 1/2 top to bottom ,then fold from side to side and measure 1/2 way in cut sm. hole insert head, gather towel or fabric across top half of the body, tie off at waist line. The hat is a yo-yo glued on. Button for broach. I glued a fabric heart between her hands, instead of a purse.
The sky is the limit as to what type fabric etc. to use. Sheets, lace curtains a good way to get lots of yardage , old buttons, etc. etc.
You can use new fabric.
Hope I explained o.k. Happy Sewing ! If you made one I'd Love for you to share a photo.
Have aGreat day!


PEA said...

You make it sound so easy! lol You're like my mom, she never follows a pattern either when she makes her angels or dolls. You should participate in the One World One Heart event and have one of your dolls as a can find the button on my sidebar, go check out what it's all about:-) xoxo

Eileen said...

Hi Lib, Thank you for the tutorial. You have inspired me to have a go. I will have to see if I can buy doll hair at my local craft shop as it looks so much better than using wool.
I have done another pair of curtains so I am slowly getting through my pile of sewing. When I have finished all the household sewing I will reward myself by making some dolls just for fun.
Hope you are keeping warm and well.

Best wishes, Eileen.

Gill - That British Woman said...

thank you for posting that, it's actually easier than it looks. Your instructions are great.