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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowed In

We're still snowed in . It is Beautiful around with snow. I am not a winter person, but trying to be content .DH keeps the animals fed and the birds.I keep the people fed. lol
We are well stocked from summer's harvest, and things we stock up on, we have warm heat .
All our needs are met, doesn't get any better than that!
Still making dolls and crafting to keep busy. We're Homebodies so no cabin fever has set in yet.
For now we will be happy snowed in and take each day just as God gives them to us.
Have a great day! Blessins',Lib


Peggy said...

a perfect day!!! Love your photo Lib. Have a blessed evening.

ancient one said...

None of the pretty snow for us this time... icy a little... cold for sure... stayed inside all day. Husband ventured out to feed animals and get mail and paper...everything will refreeze tonight.

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Lib ~ Beautiful pic of the snow. We got ice and it looks dangerous. I'll trade you the ice for the snow (LOL). I'm trying to be content also , but it's been a long winter already. We don't usually see this type weather until Jan. , but it snowed every Sat in Dec. and it's been sooo cold. Hopefully , the good Lord will Bless us with an early Spring.

~ Be Blessed ~

Gill - That British Woman said...

hey that looks like our place with all the snow!!!

Stay warm,

Gill in Canada

Melanie said...

Hi, I found you at Tammy's blog. Nice to meet you. :)
What a pretty winter picture!