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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

About finished

We're about to finish up ,a few touch ups, and moving things back into place. I painted the china cabinet ,have it filled again.
This is a counter I use for an island.Putting towel racks on it to hold kitchen towels.

I wanted an open shelf so I could reach and get items as needed and not have to hunt in cabinets.
I need to do some more rearranging to get it how I want it.Also paint the base of this red top table white. I'll paint it in a few days when I paint the base of the d.r. table.

Put glass knobs on the island and get the other towel rack hung, and things moved back into place. Today we're putting things in place as then going back rearranging things I didn't like .Need to paint the hoosier cabinet and table base.
Yesterday DH painted the hall, need to hang paintings back . Then it will be time to paint other rooms and be finished .
Have a warm and cozy day!


Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Its looking good , love the red so country whimsy looking!

Michelle said...

Love red ~ my favorite color so I'm loving your hutch!

cozythyme said...

Oh, wow! Yous are getting so much done. Everything will be fresh and bright and look new. Love those lace curtains. Nancy

Linda said...

Hi all have been busy. I love your red hutch and cabinet. Don't you just love your yellow kitchen...I think I told you mine is yellow too..anyway I like what you have done. I had some catching up to do ...and the post with the red work rooster, which I love.. I think I see another rooster picture with a red frame maybe paint this frame red too,...just a thought. hugs, Linda

p.s.I like the open shelving for your canned goods...easy access and easy to keep track too...L

PEA said...

It looks wonderful, Lib, I'm really loving the red colour! I want to give my living room, bedroom and kitchen a new paint job and I'm telling you right now, it won't be the usual white, I want red! lol xoxo