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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Has anyone ever used these produce bags? I just bought them and last night put a head of lettuce in one. At $1.89 per head would be nice to keep it for awhile! I use the bread bags ,they do work well .But never used the produce.
With the Fl. freeze I've been buying frozen berries for the freezer.Come Spring there will be a shortage ,I'm sure. I really stay on top of food waste and try to be as frugal as possible.
Hope everyone has a warm and cozy day!


Diane@Diane's Place said...

I haven't tried those produce bags, Lib. I'll be interested to find out what you think of them.

For some reason your blog updates weren't showing up in my Bloglines, but I think I fixed it. :o)

Love the new look for your house! Lots of projects going on for you. :o)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Love and hugs,


PEA said...

No I've never tried any of those produce bags so do let us know if they work well. We don't get the Brawny brand here in Canada but I have seen produce bags from other companies. As you say, with the price of produce these days, anything to help preserve it until it's all eaten is worth it!! xoxo

Linda said...

Hi Lib, I've never used these bags....hope they keep the lettuce fresh, keep us posted.

I'm so happy Shadow is doing well and on the road to wellness, wishing her a speedy recovery.

Have a cozy weekend...hugs, Lidna

JoyceAnn said...

I haven't tried those bags yet , but I've thought about buying some. Let us know how they work , I'm very interested in the results. Hope you have a great weekend !

~ Be Blessed ~

Gill - That British Woman said...

I use produce bags similar to yours and they work really well, I can keep lettuce in those bags for a week or more.

Gill in Canada

Leisha said...

Lib - Just found your blog today and am enjoying myself poking around - had to tell you - I met a charming older man in the banana department of the grocery store about a year ago who told me that he had stopped buying bananas until he had started using these bags and he was happily enjoying bananas again because of them. On his recommendation I bought a box and have saved the cost of the bags many times over. Incidentally, I risnde them out and reuse them till there is no life left in them - waste not want not!!