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Friday, January 15, 2010

We're Getting There

As you can see we still have more work to do. The sink cabinet was installed yesterday. Poor Plummer, he turned the water back on to test it, the hot water pipe came lose ,and he was hit all over with hot water!He worked on it again and now its fine ,he said he was also.

This is not an excititing pic. lol The painting has been completed since the pic. was made. A few months ago we had the bathrooms remodeled. This season in life ,we had the tub removed and went with a walk in shower.We Love it.We painted the walls Dark Marsh ( about like hunter green) I Love green .Not sure what it is,I've always been a pastel girl, I find the older I get I like brighter and more bold colors.
Hoping to get all the work finished up today. I have been able to but somethings back in place !:o)
We're having SUNSHINE :o) temps in the 50s today:o)
Have a warm and cozy day!


PEA said...

It's going to be so lovely once everything has been done and put in its place:-) Poor plumber, it's a good thing he didn't get scalded!! No doubt he's probably had that happen to him a few times in his career, though! lol

I bet taking out the bathtub and putting in a walk in shower gave you more space in your washroom. I should have that done too since I never use the bathtub, only the shower.

Like you, I find as I get older I want to paint the rooms in deeper and brighter colours. My living room and kitchen have all white walls but that will change come Spring...I have a few ideas in mind:-) xoxo

JoyceAnn said...

Looks great , Lib ! We need a bathroom redo too , but it's got to wait until we get some extra money.
Hope your weekend's great!

~ Be Blessed ~

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Bit by bit its coming along ,looking really nice too!
Have a great weekend

cozythyme said...

Very Nice! Nancy

Michelle said...

Living through a remodel can be so frustrating, but rewarding in the long run!


Ronda said...

Good Morning Sweetie,

Everything is looking so pretty.
I can't wait to see the finished pic's....hint...hint!

Love & Prayers,