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Sunday, January 24, 2010

I need Sunshine

Oh what a day! lol I need sunshine, so pulled up this pic. of Sunshine and Little Shadow ,we made at Cades Cove last Spring. We had a picnic and this rock looks like its smiling. :o) We've had over 2 ins. of rain today ,with rain all night tonight! All sorts of flooding!
Every Sun. we take lunch to my Mother-In-Law's , take her to S.S. and Church. A Grandson lives with her, the kids does day duty now . DH called to wake her up as he does every Sun. she didn't want to go to church,its raining and she didn't want to get out in the rain! He said fine we'll come bring lunch and spend time with you. So we dressed in Jeans, got there , she had dressed for church ,church had already started. So DH turned her t.v. on so we could watch her church service on t.v. she was MAD at him and refused to talk or be Kind all day! While her church service was on t.v. she set there and slept through it. lol You have to try hard to find humor,otherwise you'd cry your eyes out!
Onto updates!:
Little Shadow is home doing really well.:o)
So far the produce bags seems to be working well.
I hope everyone has a warm and cozy day!


Gill - That British Woman said...

you have sent that rain up to us in Southern Ontario, its pouring down here. Let's pray and hope it doesn't get too cold over night or everything will be a skating rink up here!!

Gill in Canada

QuiltedSimple said...

SUnshine would be a wonderful thing right about now! Glad your Little Shadow is home and on the mend:)