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Sunday, January 31, 2010


We are snowed/iced in ,but.......the sun is shining. One day closer to Spring.:o)
Hope everyone has a warm and cozy day!


Michelle said...

Stay warm! What a beautiful photo..

Linda said...

Love the snow pictures....cute snowman, you are in a Winter wonderland for sure...I hope the sun keeps shining for you...stay cozy....hugs, Linda

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

We had sun today too a miracle I think !
Yes I do tell her Lib I tell her every day and have since the day she was born, she is my sunshine !!
Have a great week

JoyceAnn said...

Love the photo , did you take it , is that a wolf ?
We had a beautiful sunny day too.
Glad the storm is over and January too , we are getting closer to Springggg !

~ Be Blessed ~

PEA said...

That's what I keep telling to myself every more day closer to Spring!!! lol I had heard you had gotten ice and snow. Stay warm and be careful going out. xoxo