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Thursday, January 14, 2010

While The Dust Is Flying

While the dust is flying ,I am playing in fabric. I decorate like I want,I don't follow I think our Home should reflect who we are not according to someone's rules. I'm going with my 1940's style theme I bought this table runner after Christmas on a75% off sale,its red on one side green on this side. I added the red and green hearts. I made red coasters with small green hearts in the center.The cof. dyed hearts I hand stitched words on.
I cof. dyed muslin traced off the chicken and did her in red work .I'm debated on painting the pic. frame red.What do you think?
Most of the remodeling has been done ,just a small amount to do today ,maybe tomorrow. Then we get to put everything in place and Paint walls and we will be finished. :o) It will take us a few wks. I'm guessing to paint each room, it's the age
Have a warm ans cozy day! I'll be back asap .


cozythyme said...

Hi Lib,
Aren't you the clever one to buy the green table runner and add the green and red hearts!! Love it. The coasters are cute too! I think I would like the chicken frame painted red! Lookin' good! Nancy

Anonymous said...

Hi Lib,

I love the table runner with its hearts.
The chicken is so cute, she looks as if she is shouting. I think she is shouting "hey I want a red frame". LOL.

Cheers, Eileen.

QuiltedSimple said...

the chicken is so cute! very nice. and the table runner is wonderful