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Friday, December 4, 2009

On Top Of Old Smoky

It's going to snow tonight! We are so blessed to have The Great Smoky Mtns. in our back door.
The Smokies are Beautiful anytime of the year. I Love to see snow on top of the mtns.
Its a little early for us to get snow, Yrs. ago we use to get big snows but now days a dusting to a couple ins. is about all we get. In the mtns. its a different story!
The temps are falling fast! It seems more like the Christmas Season with cold temps and snow.
When it snows there is no getting out of here.We are stocked for the winter, and very thankful for that.
I missed not posting. Its great to be back and able to visit all my Special Friends!
While I was away I was busy caretaking, canning, freezing food,gardening, crafting as time allowed. We had a BLESSED summer. Since DH is approaching Retirement Yrs. we are trying to get some remodeling as well as repairs behind us. Not sure what I was thinking to start back this time of the yr. LOL Right now we are painting the kitchen. I must of gotten a big sniff of paint when I picked it out LOL I love yellow once we got it on the walls it is "YELLOW"I've always heard yellow is cheery , so we should NOT have an down moments I do like bright colors but didn't realize I picked such a bright yellow.
I hope everyone has a Great week end!


Ronda said...



Man I bet your kitchen is the place to be.

Love & Prayers,

Peggy said...

I bet when finished you will love your bright cheerful will have to post pictures. Enjoy the snow... I am hoping we get some but its raining at the moment.