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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Treasure's And Blessins'

A Dear Friend Nancy made this Beautiful Table runner for me as a Christmas Gift this year.I Love it ,Nancy does BEAUTIFUL work!!!!!!!!! Thanks again Nancy!

Another Treasure to me is this Vintage tablecloth,place mats from a Dear Friend Miss Lillie,and oil lamp from one of my dear Nephew's who is Miss Lillie's Grandson.
I am so BLESSED to have so many Treasures from Family and Friends!
As you know I Love the Simple side of life , I think our Home should reflect Us ,I tend to decorate to reflect our personalities not for the latest trend. I don't want to keep up with anyone,I want to make our House a Home, a Safe Loving place to return daily.Warm and cozy!
I am Blessed to have a Loving Christian Home, I know my Guys Loves me they shower me with Love daily.I have no problem with others wanting Material Things. That's just not me .DH was raised in a Home where you seek Bigger and Better and it took him awhile to Understand my ways of enjoying the Simple side of life. He couldn't understand when some new thing came out on the Market why I didn't want to be the first on the st. to want to buy it.I kept explaining to him THINGS can not hug me and tell me Every things going to be all right in the hard painful times of life. Now he Understands and enjoys living the Simple side of life.
I know its a tough economy these days ,and it makes me even more Thankful I Love the Simple side. We are so BLESSED in this Season of life we have a Home with no payments,we have a nice warm bed to sleep in ,clothes to wear,we have plenty of food to eat and share.All our needs met.Most important we have God and each other and Friends! Life is Good!
Hope you have a warm and cozy day, take time to count your Blessins' !


Peggy said...

You and I are so much alike. I love this simple life and wouldn't want to live any other way. Your post is perfect!

Linda said...

Lovely post are very blessed and I can hear the peace and contentment in your words.
The runner and tablecoth are so pretty....both very special, made with love and especially for you. I know they will always remind you of your dear friends.
Love the yellow kitchen, mine is yellow too. It does make for a bright and cheery room...have a cozy day. hugs, Linda

PEA said...

I just love the table runner, your friend Nancy does indeed do beautiful work! Also love the way you decorated your table with the vintage tablecloth, placemats and oil lamp...just perfect. Living the simple life obviously suits you and you sound so happy:-) I love buying vintage things but I'm not one for the expensive material husband could never understand why I never wanted diamonds, crystal, china, etc, like my friends had. I grew up with my mom having these things but I never wanted them, still don't:-) I don't even own a dishwasher, never have! lol xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Lib,
I am so glad to be able to call in and 'visit' you again each day. You are such a blessing. I always feel happy to read such a beautiful post. The vintage cloth and the table runner look pretty and very festive.
My sewing machine has broken and I have not done any big sewing projects for a while, just a bit of hand sewing. I am saving for a new machine and hope to be able to get one soon. When I do i would like to make some table runners as they would be nice gifts.
Keep warm and cosy, Eileen.

Gill - That British Woman said...

what a lovely attitude. More people in this world should be like you, Lib.

Gill in Canada