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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Simple Christmas

I Love this time of year.And I Love a Simple Old Fashion Christmas.We try hard to focus on the True Meaning of Christmas. This time of year I turn the Hoosier Cabinet into a tea/Hot Choc. Bar.With remodeling and caretaking I am trying to go as simple as possible.We enjoy sharing a cup a....... just the 2 of us or with Family and Friends. I fill jars with hot choc.mix some I leave plain ,
Some I crush mints and put into the mixture ,some I put Marshmallows in ,I keep jars of flavored cof. creamer to mix into the hot choc. per cup. I make Friendship tea also known as Russian Tea. I keep different Boxes of flavored tea ,I make different flavors of tea mix.
The Blue Tea towel was a gift from a VERY SPECIAL FRIEND AMANDA,whom I Love and Miss Very Much! The Homespun towels draped across the doors I made.
Other than clear light I haven't dec. the garland yet. I have a few idea how I want to dec. it.
On a cold Night such as tonight ,a hot cupa.......sure warms us up.
Every Sun. we go to take my Mother-n-law to S.S. and church ,we want go in the morning the snow is gone the streets are wet and 20s tonight ,don't want to chance black ice as we have to go the next town over.I have dinner cooked ( lunch) for tomorrow ,after it warms up to where we can get out we will take lunch and stay with her until a Grandson comes to stay. As of now I want be able to post on Suns. but hope to be able to keep up most other days.
What do you enjoy and do Special to make Christmas special for you and your Family. I would Love to hear what you do.
I hope everyone has a Blessed Sunday and Christmas!


Peggy said...

I miss my hoosier cabinet but have a little table with some tea and hot chocolate packets waiting to be shared with the grands.

Gill - That British Woman said...


I am so glad to see you back posting. Love all your photos, we so miss the Smokies, me and dh, and are determined to visit them in 2010, finances willing!!

Gill in Canada

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

I have a hutch of sorts in the kitchen I keep all sorts of goodies in there,my MIL gave me 2 cookie jars I use to keep those pretty full, but now my kiddies have all flown out of the nest and the cookie jars are empty... until Christmas then I bake and refill, we like assorted teas, loose leaf only and we do bodem coffee.
This year I have a craving for shortbread.And very soon I shall indulge in my craving... LOL!!!
Have a good week

countrychicken said...

Hi Lib,
I am so glad you are back blogging - missed you. Have a good week.

PEA said...

Oh Lib, what an absolutely delightful idea to use your hoosier at this time of year that way! I so wish I lived near and could have a cup of hot chocolate with you:-) My baking and chocolate making at Christmas time is something my family looks forward to every year and I love seeing their faces when I put out a tray filled with cookies and one filled with chocolates...of course I always fix up a tin of both for them to bring home as well:-) xoxo