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Monday, March 28, 2011

It's That Time Again.....................

You know that Favorite thing to do this time of year,"SPRING CLEANING"Lol

I did get one towel stitched, then the rain kept pouring ,turned cold, Little Shadow went to spent a few days with her other Great Grands ,and her other Grands, and mother-N-Law is Home. So I got busy cleaning and cleaning and still cleaning. I started with our room, cleaned my closet and both chest's out .This morning I did the l.r. and DH called a Junk (Thrift) store to come pick up a truck load. Went to a good cause a Recovery Thrift shop . I mean they had a truck full! I feel so much lighter. :o) The other bedrooms we cleaned good when we painted so nothing to get rid of there, just a good cleaning. So now to finish the kitchen and d.r.

I did go junkin' Sat. and I do try to remember bring something in take something out.

I have the porch Spring/summer ready ,so found some buys for it . I always dec. it with birdhouses & cages.This yr. I added sun. stars, moons .

Hope ya'll have a great wk. If your Spring Cleaning Happy cleaning!



Linda said...

Hi Lib...sunshine is finally with us and I'm in the mood to "Spring Clean" too. You have been busy but what a good feeling you get when everything is fresh and clean....I like your idea...bring something in take somthing out...I'm going to do that:)...hugs, Linda

Peggy said...

Wanna come do my spring cleaning??LOL Have a wonderful blessed week and stay warm

Gill - That British Woman said...

could you pop by and do mine also when you have finished everyone elses!!!