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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tea Time

I have a Wonderful, thoughtful Brother Ed. We have always been close.I know what a Treasure I have in him, and try hard to never take him For Granted.We're there for each other Happy times as well as sad times. We Love each other for each other, not gifts! We are always on the hunt for something we know the other one would like .
Yesterday before leaving Ed's going to Grady's funeral , Ed handed me this tea set . He knows I Love Tea time and Nature.
This is the last towel I emb. this week.
Today DH will pick his Mom up to stay with us 6 days. So I am cutting out towels from homespun and muslin fabric, Ginger gifted me with yesterday,I will hem them by machine, to have on hand to stitch while sitting with M-I-L. We're suppose to be in the 70's so hoping to rock on the porch, stitch, and watch the birds come to eat.
Thank You for your kind comments and visits here.Its always wonderful to come here and visit with my Bloggyland Friends! Your Friendship means so Much! May Your Day Bloom with Love and be filled with the ones You Love!


Kristie said...

How sweet of your brother, love the tea set. Love your tea towels, very nice. Enjoy your time with your MIL.

Have a wonderful day

Peggy said...

Love your tea set! Have a very blessed and peaceful time with your MIL. Hope you find lots of time to sit and rock on the front porch.

ancient one said...

Wonderful tea set. I hope you have warm weather to enjoy your porch and your MIL. Blessings !!

Gill - That British Woman said...

what a lovely gift from your brother.

Gill in Canada

cozythyme said...

Hi Lib,
Beautiful tea set and the towel goes just right with it! Enjoy! Nancy

Linda said...

Hi Lib...what a dear brother you have. I love you tea set and what a sweet towel you had stitched.
Very sad to read of the passing of your friend Grady...friends are a blessing and it always hurts when they pass...thank goodness for memories. hugs, Linda