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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It's raining ,so nesting in today. Doing my 30 day cooking and freezing.

Yesterday was a Beautiful sunny day. I walked around the Homestead, I watched a bird gather nesting supplies.Nature is Amazing! I save onion bags or other net bags ,put dryer lint, embrodiery snippets of thread, yarn etc. in ,hang in a tree and the birds sometimes gather nesting supplies from it, fun to come upon a nest and see the supplies in the nest.

Great to have so much of my Spring cleaning behind me. Suppose to have rain the rest of the wk. so hoping to finish up . Then it will be time to mow again.

DH is suppose to pick Mother-N-law up today .Need to get more towels and embrodiery pieces made up ,to stitch while sitting with her.

Hope ya'll have a Great Day!



Linda said...

What a wonderful nest. It amazing all the little bits and pieces birdies use to make their would be neat to find some of your nesting supplies in one...hugs, Linda

JoyceAnn said...

That is a beautiful bird nest , love the photo. It's been raining here too. Enjoy your stitchin' !

~ Spring Blessings ~

PEA said...

I started doing some Spring cleaning a few weeks ago but need to continue and finish it! lol That is such a good idea to collect the lint and such for the birds. I noticed two doves going in and out of our pine tree at the front of the house so they must be building their nest there again this year. Now that the snow is melting, the robins will soon make their arrival and they'll be busy building nests as well:-) Enjoy your time with your MIL!! xoxo

Gill - That British Woman said...

enjoy a few days of stitching and staying dry.......